Free back-up generator on all new wedding bookings made for 2021, giving you peace of mind on your special day (subject to availability).

Event Generator Hire Devon


Event generator power for weddings, concerts, corporate parties, social events both indoor & outdoor. Exeter generator hire has the equipment, skills and experience to provide temporary electricity.


When planning an outdoor event,  a reliable power source is essential to ensure everything runs smoothly. An interruption in service could be a disaster so hiring a reliable generator from us couldn't be simpler, we'll provide you with the  best generator to  suit your requirements.

All our generators are trailer mounted, and we use 4 x 4’s rather than vans, we really can set up your generator in almost any location.


Exeter Generator Hire supply everything needed to power kitchens, utilities, lighting, heating, and sound systems, nothing is forgotten.


Our event generators are maintained to the highest standard and only used at outdoor events, never on construction sites. They are extremely well presented, quiet, up-to-date, fully serviced and load tested before every season.


We have a fleet of super silent generators which are popular for important events where the need silences is essential at product launches, weddings and speech days.


Our generators are retired early, so we guarantee 'low-mileage' hire models.


Depending on availability, we usually supply a backup generator at a reduced price to  ensure full power whatever happens.


When contacting us about hiring a generator we will determine the power demand on the machine,  whether you have machinery, lighting, catering, a bar, band, disco, toilets etc.. We will discuss this in detail or liaise directly with the marquee company to ascertain your requirements and then send you a firm quote via email or post.


Hire Agreement

Please read the Cornwall Generator Hire Agreement which becomes binding on the date the Job Sheet is signed.


As our customer testimonials  say, "if it’s possible, then we can do it!"


This year, we have averaged three events every weekend, we have the experience and knowledge to make your special occasion run perfectly.



Why book us?

Our event generators are only used for events, never on building sites

They are tested prior to delivery, clean, and ready to start work

We offer comprehensive electrical distribution for your event

Our running hours are unlimited, giving  flexibility, allowing an event to continue as long as needed

We have rave reviews from our customers,  we really do provide a fantastic service!

Exeter Generator Hire, 19 Friars Gate,

Exeter, EX2 4JD