Fuel bowser hire for your generator

Looking for dependable generator fuel bowser hire options in Exeter and Devon? Look no further!

At our company, we go above and beyond by offering generator fuel bowser hire alongside our regular generator rentals. Whether you’re hosting a private event or need power at a construction site, our fuel bowser is the perfect solution.

Why choose our fuel bowser? It provides peace of mind, especially during longer events where your generator needs to run for extended periods. Imagine a weekend packed with exciting events, or even a wedding marquee hosting various parties. Our fuel bowser ensures uninterrupted power supply throughout.

But that’s not all. Our fuel bowser is an absolute necessity for building sites, film locations, festivals, and agricultural and summer shows that require reliable power supply over several days.

Choose us for your generator fuel bowser hire needs and experience unmatched reliability and convenience. Don’t let power outages ruin your event. Contact us today!

Details of our fuel bowsers for generators

Meet Basil the fuel bowser!

Basil the fuel bowser

Basil, our trusty fuel bowser, is here to meet all your power needs! When you hire Basil alongside our generators, you never have to worry about running out of fuel during your event. With a generous capacity of 900 litres and 3/8ths generator fuel connections, Basil ensures an uninterrupted power supply. Plus, his direct connection feature allows for extended running times, making him perfect for those weekend events. We even include a 12V electric fuel pump for your convenience. Don’t let your event go dark – hire Basil and keep the show on the road! But be sure to contact us in advance, as Basil and his brothers have limited availability. Our experts, Paul and Leoni, will guide you in choosing the best equipment for your outside power needs. With us, you can rest assured that your event will run without a hitch!