X-ECO Lighting Towers For Hire


Our lighting towers for hire are the perfect solution when large areas require illumination. They are ideal for a range of industries, however they are especially common on construction sites, TV and film sets, music festivals & events, farms and even by the emergency services.

We have 4 X

-Eco LED lighting towers for hire. The X-Eco (LED-6) is the most innovative, sustainable mobile lighting tower available, easy to transport and locate, providing instant lighting for an area equivalent to half a football pitch.


The easily operated extendable 8.5m hydraulic light mast has 6 x 150W LED lights with full 360° positioning to tailor site lighting and optimise onsite HSE compliance and productivity. With an Automatic Dusk-Dawn sensor, the efficient 3kVa generator has a fuel efficiency of 0.55l/hour, providing lighting for up to 200 hours between refuel intervals, up to 73% saving in fuel and CO₂ emissions.


Why hire a lighting tower from us:

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Saves £336 per month in fuel costs compared to a traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide lighting tower
  • Reduces CO₂ output by 888kg per month, a reduction by more than 70%
  • LED floodlights, instant bright light, no lamp warm up period
  • AMOS safety system, automatically lowers mast if moved, preventing mast hitting overhead power cables
  • AMOS Start/Stop light sensor, reduces fuel and activity costs
  • Over 200 hours runtime, an increase of 400%, it extends the refuelling period, reducing on-site labour costs.


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The CO₂ reduction and fuel savings achieve by contractors when hiring the X-Eco Lighting Tower can be included in the Contractors Sustainability Policy, which will help win Government and Local Authority contracts.




Why book us?

Reduction in fuel so economic to run

Sustainable with a reduced CO₂ output

Quick and easy to set up

Increased runtime of over 200 hours

Has the AMOS safety system

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Exeter, EX2 4JD